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XEEPP support services department are offered under an annual contract payable monthly, at extremely affordable rates. The website maintenance contracts allow companies to take care of their requirements at low cost instead of paying third party companies high amounts for any urgent changes required or performance improvements allowing you to rest assured that maintenance is performed.

Inxeeppal offers a flexible and comprehensive Maintenance plan for all website sizes. We have maintained simple HTML websites to complex eCommerce databases. No matter the size or the scope of the website, we aim to provide fast and efficient service. Just select the number of hours per month you will need. We carry over 1 months hours to the next month if you don't use them at that time. However any unused hours after the 1st month will not be carried forward or refunded. Hours may be used in any increment throughout the current month. All tasks are billed in 30-minute increments and logged in our tracking system. Any additional hours on top of your contracted Website maintenance level will be billed at the full rate for that service.

Maintenance and support

- Bug fixing and problem reporting, ie correcting broken scripts.
- Website edits, revisions, updates or creating new content on existing pages based on requests.
- Telephone website support.
- Provide disaster recovery from backup and maintain a file library of assets, graphics, source code and revision history for your website.
- Offer advice and guidance on website management and optimization and potential performance improvement.
- Liaise with hardware engineers, hosting customer support, and other affiliate service entities.
- Web stats and analytics.
- Create new graphics and icons. Modifying CSS styles and code.
- Version Upgrades: Maintenance regarding security issues (scripts, patches, databases, image/bandwidth theft, etc.)
- Providing consultation service or documentation for any potential projects or enhancements.
- Normal priority support is for a 24 - 72 hour "turn around time".

Hosting Support

- Managed backups and server maintenance,
- server software updates,
- server user management,
- performance monitoring,
- database optimization
- Virus protection,
- firewall monitoring,
- up-time monitoring. This will ensure we have the tools to restore the website within 24-36 hours of most any disaster.

Contact xeepp for the following Website Support services:

- Issues or problems with the website not performing as expected (i.e., broken forms, errors, pages not displaying correctly, etc.)
- Editing, revising, or updating page and product content including text, images, and SEO-related content
- Editing, revising, or updating templates on existing website pages
- New web page and email templates based on existing design
- Modifications and minor enhancements to existing functions, forms, and features on the existing website
- Consultation, guidance, and training on the use of the website and content management system
- Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and Google Search Console basic configuration and support
- Support and updates of third party tools and applications used on the website and integrated by xeepp (i.e., WordPress, Drupal, Constant Contact, Marketo, Hubspot, Pardot, Salesforce, Instagram, jQuery, etc.)

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