provides wide range of web and technology service

Xeepp project offers and provides wide range of web and technology services. Xeepp project that we will call it as XEEPP in following is continue way of project designs services. XEEPP e-commerce project is the natural evolution for the xeepp.com internet presence. The site will market and sell technology, IT, web development and website support services.
It will also produce web products and Web applications that will increase market share, promote name recognition, and maximize efficiency.

World commercial markets of the web still need more comprehensive and accurate interaction with their customers that can provide content and products more accurate to deliver to customers in the interactive space of the business websites. On the other hand, customers can certainly access to their requirement faster with filtering the services and products offered to them is more attractive and useful instead viewing a very large but inefficient content. In the IT world, it is not a rare occurrence for people to become concerned with the performance of an application… once they reach the end of the project! That is, once everything has been designed at both the functional and technological level. Even if you were to take everything apart, performance optimization is no easy task. Hence, applications based on this developed framework have some specific features such as faster and less greedy, unlimited flexibility, expandable functions and modules, stable and sustainable of core, upgradable and finally it is easy for use.

Xeepp framework is the main core of the development of our currently projects and it will be in future. With this framework, we will be able to easily and quickly implement custom website design projects, and customers can easily update the core of the frameworks, like all other systems, easily from the management panels. This framework is presented as a Premium-commercial version, and will be our basis of our revenue for web design department.

Alphta ist ein kompetenter Dienstleister für anspruchsvolle Enterprise WordPress Projekte. Wir können Sie bei der Umsetzung von Online-Portalen, Publishing Plattformen, Online-Shops und Corporate Webseiten unterstützen. Darüber hinaus gestalten wir für Sie, dank unserer zahlreichen Erfahrungen, einen optimalen Migrationsprozess von einem alten System in das WordPress und sorgen für volle Integration und Datenkonformität.

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