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Speed up the creation and maintenance of your PHP web applications. End repetitive coding tasks and enjoy the power of controlling your code.

In the longer term, a framework ensures the longevity of your applications. If a development team works as they please, only that particular team will be able to maintain and upgrade the application with ease. The way that a publisher supports a proprietary solution.

On the other hand, the structure that a framework provides for the application makes it possible to avoid this pitfall altogether and it gives any developer - whether they participated in its development or not – the ability to easily “adopt” an application, to maintain it over time and to upgrade it both quickly and neatly, whenever necessary.

xeepp php framework

xeepp php framework

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A framework is not absolutely necessary: it is “just” one of the tools that is available to help you develop better and faster!

Better, because a framework provides you with the certainty that you are developing an application that is in full compliance with the business rules, that is structured, and that is both maintainable and upgradable.

Faster, because it allows developers to save time by re-using generic modules in order to focus on other areas. Without, however, ever being tied to the framework itself.

Xeepp Company

Founded in 2014, we’re an international team of UX / web designers, developers, graphic designers & search engine optimisation specialists. Primarily working with international clients, we’ve also completed interesting projects for clients in UK , Poland, Switzerland & Ireland. Contact us if you have a web design project you’d like to discuss.

XEEPP PHP Framework or simply xeepp is a set of reusable PHP components , the standard foundation on which the best PHP applications are built. Choose any of the 50 stand-alone components available for your own applications and websites

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